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In Emily We Trust. Please Fandras Responsibly.

2017 has been a challenging year in many ways.
But there were also good things about 2017 – including Wynonna Earp and the Earper fandom.
We’re happy to be able to close out 2017 with something really awesome.

From the creative mind and hands of Megan Smith, @Nuutmeg on Twitter, came an awesome T-shirt design that she wore at DragonCon 2017. We admired that shirt. We coveted that shirt. Today, we’re psyched to tell you that we are partnering with Megan to bring you that shirt. (EU folks, it’s available in the EU Store!)

Introducing:  In Emily We Trust

Here’s a bit about Megan in her own words and why she was inspired to design “In Emily We Trust.”

Who is Megan? I’m basically just a creative nerd who really is not all that great at putting my feelings into words but is definitely better at putting my love and passion for things into forms of art. Sometimes it’s cross-stitching. Sometimes it’s a random t shirt that gets me stopped at Dragon Con every 5 minutes asking “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!” Most importantly I’m an Earper. An Earper who truly admires one Emily Andras.

(Megan also has an Etsy shop called “Make Your Piece” where she sells Earp-themed cross-stitch. New products almost instantly sell out every time she posts something new, so bookmark her shop and follow her on Twitter!)

What Inspired In Emily We Trust? While being sort of new to the fandom when Season 2 of Wynonna Earp started, I like many others, saw a whole lot of love for the people on the show but I also noticed one thing that I’ve never really seen in another show that I’ve been so invested in. There is such immense love for the people who make the show. One super important woman in particular, Emily Andras.

Season two went on and I slowly started to see a little bit of doubt floating around with some story lines and as we all know, there are a lot of opinions thrown around on the internet (I’m looking at you, twitter). I felt very confused because in my heart I felt nothing but excitement to see where everything was going. I had only trust in her (and the writers) that we were not going to be let down. What makes her so good is you can be behind her 100% and she will still find a way to make your entire body shake with nerves when one of the most beloved characters spends an entire episode in a hospital bed possibly minutes away from death. Emily just…cares. I think anyone can see that in the writing of this show. She has nothing but good intentions to give us the best television and positive LGBT representation she can. WE believe in her and WE trust her.

All of this was what inspired this design. It was inspired by the love and support of all the fellow Fandras-ers (sorry Emily but oh boy is it most definitely a thing™) who have her back. I wanted to make sure that she knew that and I wanted to contribute something positive for the gift she has given us. The idea popped into my head, I made a design, kept it pretty simple, and don’t even let her tell you she doesn’t like it because she definitely took a photo of it when she saw it at Dragon Con!

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, so we won’t try. But we will add a couple of thoughts.

Gather round, everyone, while the Ol’ Granny Fangirls tell you about The History of Fandras. We’re into portmanteaus, probably because of all the ship names we’ve learned over the years while watching awesome TV. Waaaaaaaaaaay back in the annals of history – about two years ago give or take – we mashed up the phrase “Fan of Emily Andras” into “Fandras.” It just feels good to say, doesn’t it? Fandras Fandras Fandras.

Anyway, Hashtag Fandras gained some traction after it got mentioned on the Whiskey & Doughnuts Video Hangout with Bonnie and Kevin during Season One. Layn’eh made an awesome graphic for it and partnered with us to make it available to anyone who wanted to Fandras up their life.

Everyone in the whole entire world loves Fandras – except for Emily Andras. She has said things like “Never trust a writer,” and “Save your love for the pretty people, the actors,” and myriad other antifandras statements. She insists that it’s not a thing (it’s totally a thing). She uses a Sharpie to deface any Fandras T-shirt she can, if anyone wanders too near her while wearing one.

(In case our humorous tone isn’t coming through clearly here, while all of these things are 100% true, there’s no malice involved, just good old-fashioned humor.)

So we wanted to talk a bit about what Fandras means to us.

Here’s what it doesn’t mean in our minds:  blind faith in a person to be the one and only producer of stories in which we find validation. It doesn’t mean complete confidence that we will never be disappointed. It doesn’t mean that we’ll love every single plot twist and narrative choice in Wynonna Earp, or in any future projects. It doesn’t mean that a storyline or a character’s development has to go the way we want it to in order for us to appreciate the writing. It doesn’t mean that we’re groupies.

Yeah yeah yeah. That’s what it’s not. But what IS it?

To us, Fandras is about appreciating the creativity, humor, strength, bravery and tenacity of a person who has created some truly amazing television. While we don’t know even a tenth about what goes into making a TV show, we feel certain that it hasn’t always been an easy task.

We believe in you, Emily.

To us, Fandras is also about always striving to do better. It’s listening, learning, and working to improve. Fandras is about acknowledging that we are all fallible humans and that none of us does anything perfectly all the time. Every person in the world has made mistakes. The Fandras way of processing a mistake is to work to understand it, and then figure out how to do better next time.

Fandras also means trust. We trust Emily. We trust that her intentions are good. If there’s something in a TV show that she’s written that we don’t understand or like right away, we will give it time to see how it plays out.

This is what Fandras means to us, Sally and Rebecca of Fangirl Shirts. Please tell us in the comments what Fandras means to you! We would love to hear from other Fandrases, all over the world. #MultiFandras

We have one more thing to announce in conjunction with Megan’s design – it’s our new “Please Fandras Responsibly” koozie! Available through our main catalog, we’re offering a special discount through January 15. If you’ve purchased an “In Emily We Trust” shirt or mug, just email us a copy of your receipt (fangirl at fangirlshirts dot com) and we’ll send you a coupon for 20% off a Please Fandras Responsibly Koozie.


Thanks to Emily Andras, Wynonna Earp, Earpers, Megan, and YOU for being one of the best parts of 2017.

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I Love Earp

Hello, Earpers, how is everyone doing in the liminal space of In Between Seasons? We are going to be hard at work during this time making new stuff for Earpers and for other fandoms. We also wanted to take a moment to celebrate how totally awesome Season 2 of Wynonna Earp was.

Wasn’t it FABULOUS? The storyline, the unexpected plot twists, the brilliantly executed pregnancy, the suspense, the drama! All of these things were thrilling and moving. What binds it all together is the characters and their relationships with each other. The most exciting story in the world would be boring if the characters weren’t that interesting, and the most boring story in the world can still be gripping if the characters are complex, three-dimensional, and compelling.

Well, we Earpers are lucky enough to have both – an exciting story and compelling characters. TV entertains us, but at its best it also makes us feel things. At its very best, it inspires us and helps us learn about ourselves and how to navigate our lives and all the situations that we go through as humans. How do we make decisions that seem impossible? How can we be brave when we feel scared? How do we decide to live authentically and love the people we love? How do we become our better selves?

Perhaps you’re like us at Fangirl Shirts. We can see parts of ourselves – who we used to be, and who we want to be – in the characters of Wynonna Earp. We also see parts of people we’ve come across in our real lives, and watching our Earp heroes navigate both challenging situations and relationships with each other is a huge part of why we <3 this show.

So we’ve made some shirts that celebrate the characters. (There are 336 variations for 14 characters, so skip down to the list in this blog post to get quick links to each character.) These shirts pair well with a leather jacket for when you’re out on your motorcycle for a quick visit to your mom in her mountain hideout, with a blazer when you’re being a boss at the office, or with shorts when you’re out running a 5k.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can tell the world who you love and all about the awesome TV show Wynonna Earp. (And if your actual name also happens to be Waverly, or Emily, or Wynonna, etc. then people will just think you have healthy self-esteem.)

North America and other countries that aren’t in the EU, get your Earp on here. EU, you’ll find yours in the EU store.

Right now there are shirts for:

We know we didn’t get every single Earp character, so if you have a favorite that we missed, tell us in the comments, email fangirl at fangirlshirts dot com, or tweet us @fangirlshirts and we’ll add it!

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DragonCon 2017 Roundup

If you’ve never been to DragonCon before, we’ll try to describe it – but know the the only way to truly get what DragonCon is all about is to attend it and immerse yourself in it. Preferably more than once. Briefly, it takes place in downtown Atlanta, Georgia in five host hotels over Labor Day weekend (the first weekend in September in North America).

It’s a convention that is organized around fans and the fan experience. That means that in addition to events you’d expect at any con, like panels with the casts of your favorite TV shows and movies, autograph sessions and photo ops, there is an enormous amount of fan-generated content (aka fan panels). There are also panels about being a writer, being a fan artist, cosplay, and any permutation of fandom you might be able to think of.

If you’re interested in attending DragonCon and want to know more about what to expect, we recommend the DragonCon Newbies Group, which is run by Kevin Bachelder.

Thursday, August 30

Fangirl Shirts’ DragonCon 2017 Experience™ started on Thursday night. We had a simple idea – let’s allow people who are attending DragonCon to place preorders for merchandise, and we would bring merch with us to the con. This was partially because we weren’t vending at DragonCon, partially because it would allow us to offer free shipping for people on special edition items, but mostly because we thought it would be fun to meet our customers face-to-face in an organized fashion. We created this DragonCon preorder page to help facilitate that.

Our original plan was to be at the Sheraton hotel bar, Fandangles, from 6-7pm on Thursday night. We thought we would sit there for an hour and meet about five people, and then be on our way. Well, that’s not what happened! We tweeted a few pictures, and then over the course of the evening, more and more people (mostly Earpers) started stopping by, and it organically turned into a meetup/hangout.

We kept putting more and more tables together until the bar manager told us we would violate the fire code by having such a large group in the middle of the room (violating the fire code is what WayHaughtLanta is all about!), and invited us to use one of their semiprivate rooms instead, complete with a privacy curtain. All in all, we spent about three hours there and it was a perfect pre-con way to kick back and relax and meet people.

Pay no attention to the fangirls behind the curtain.

This is something we will look into doing again at future cons that we attend – both preorders and meetups, so we can make sure everyone knows about it in advance and is invited.

Friday, September 1

The first event Sally attended was Megan Follows‘ Anne of Green Gables panel. You might wonder why Anne of Green Gables was a topic at DragonCon, since it’s not a fantasy or sci-fi show. The panel moderator addressed that topic, saying that since Megan Follows was attending DragonCon anyway for her other shows, he suggested/insisted that there be an Anne of Green Gables discussion because he loved the show so much.

Based on panel attendance and audience comments, this was a good call. There are a LOT of people who are big fans of Megan Follows’ portrayal of Anne Shirley and it seems like it was formative and inspiring for so many people in their childhoods and teenage years.

Beyond Anne as a character and her storyline, Megan Follows was an AWESOME speaker. She talked about her experience playing Anne, and also shared several insights about being an actor and now a director. She talked about what it’s like working in a field where women are working hard for more/better representation and leadership, both in stories and as creators. Part of the conversation turned toward empowered women characters being portrayed on Canadian TV who are also brought to us by kickass women, and Megan Follows name-checked Wynonna Earp as one such example. It was a fantastic panel and a great start to the con.

Cosplay at DragonCon is everywhere and makes getting from place to place a fun part of the con. Here’s one that was AWESOME.

Both Sally and Rebecca attended the Screenwriting:  How to Write Good Genre TV For Everyone with Emily Andras workshop, which was an awesome experience. The room was a mix of people who are pursuing careers in television screenwriting, and people like us who were there because we are fans of Emily’s work and wanted to have a fun experience. We learned about the structure of a scene, talked about genre tropes, and worked in small groups to break a scene using a scenario Emily gave us.

It was really interesting to hear about the breakdown and structure of an episode from a TV writer’s perspective. It gave us a whole new appreciation for the craft, and we think it will enhance our TV-watching experience. We encourage people to attend future workshops like this, both for fun and if you’re interested in a career in television writing.

There were some familiar faces helping out at the workshop – Carol and Coral, who you might know as the creative forces behind the Purgatory Softball Team shirt, and Ramsey, of the Lucy Lawless Tweet Heard Round The World.

Last on the schedule for Friday was the first of four Wynonna Earp cast panels that were scheduled for the entire weekend. One cast panel per day, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. That’s how every day should be, don’t you think, spending an hour with the cast of Wynonna Earp? On the Friday panel were Emily Andras, Shamier Anderson, Tim Rozon, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, and Katherine Barrell.

Tim Rozon was pretty stylishly dressed, if Kira Beaudoin and we do say so ourselves.

Here’s the Periscope of the Friday Wynonna Earp Cast Panel (thank you, @legacymermaid Periscoping Earper Extraordinaire!)

At about 22:50 minutes in, a fan asked Emily Andras a question about how she handles fan pressure and expectations for storyline that come to her via social media, and balancing that with telling the story she wants to tell. Emily answered the question very well, and then also asked the rest of the cast to answer the question about handling social media pressure.

At about 25 minutes in, Katherine Barrell gave her answer. She talked about how the Earper fandom is great and fan enthusiasm is a huge part of what makes the Wynonna Earp fandom awesome and helps support the show. She also said that – while this hasn’t happened a lot – it is hard when someone attacks your personal life choices, and the fact that she’s not actually Nicole.

We aren’t going to put words in her mouth nor try to fangirl-splain what we think Katherine was alluding to, but we will say this:  Katherine Barrell plays a lesbian (not a unicorn), and she approaches this role with tremendous respect and an appreciation for what this representation on TV means to countless queer women across the world.

People should feel free and able to be openly themselves in their lives, and to be exactly who they are. That goes for LGBTQ people everywhere, and it goes for actors, too. Love is love.

If you haven’t already, check out Tales of the Black Badge Podcast #52, an interview with Katherine Barrell.

Saturday, September 2

Saturday was the Wynonna Earp Fan Panel, called “From Purgatory to Black Badge Division,” moderated by Kevin Bachelder. Sally was honored to join Annie Smith, Bonnie Ferrar, Bridget Liszewski, and Eric Asher to discuss Season 2, the fandom, T-shirts, and many other topics.


Here’s the audio recording of the fan panel on the Tales of the Black Badge podcast.

We did a surprise giveaway for panel attendees, hiding some goodie bags with our buttons and stickers inside under random chairs. Thank you to Carol Malcolm, Director of the Urban Fantasy Track for allowing us to do this!

After the fan panel, we went to the daily Wynonna Earp Cast Panel. On Saturday, the panelists were Emily Andras, Shamier Anderson, Michael Eklund, Tim Rozon, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell and Melanie Scrofano.

Here’s the Periscope for the Wynonna Earp Cast Panel on Saturday (thanks again, @legacymermaid!):

Next we attended the Killjoys Fan Panel, called “Hang Out At Your Favorite Mod Bar” to hear the panelists (including Kevin Bachelder and Bridget Liszewski) talk about Season 3 of Killjoys. Since the Season 3 finale had aired just the night before, the finale was off-limits, but it was an interesting discussion about all the great plot and character developments in the third season. We also got to celebrate the great news that Killjoys had been renewed for TWO more seasons!

Regrettably, we had to leave the panel early for a scheduled photo op. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ll just leave this here.

After our photo op, we rushed over to the ClexaCon Meetup, which we absolutely did not want to miss. On the way, we ran into a couple of dudes who looked familiar.

Holly from ClexaCon had arranged a meetup at Hardy Ivy Park, which was just a block away from the Hyatt. Though we were a little late, we still had a lovely time meeting and chatting with other ClexaCon fans. We can’t wait until 2018!

The capper for Saturday was a podcast panel called “5 Truths And A Lie LIVE!” on which Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Katherine Barrell appeared. The line for the panel was seriously long and snaked through the Marriott, which was already chock-a-block full with people doing other things or just hanging out.

While we were waiting in line, someone who got in line behind us asked “Why is this line so long? I’ve been coming to this panel for years and have never seen the line this long.” We said “Two of the actors from Wynonna Earp are on the panel.” The room was probably more than half full of Earpers.

The panel itself was HILARIOUS. Listen to the Periscope! There’s some language and talking about sharting and sex, but not at the same time, and…anyway, NSFW.

Sunday, September 3

Sunday morning we had a Fangirl Shirts business meeting. Here are the minutes:

Next was the Sunday Wynonna Earp cast panel featuring Emily Andras, Shamier Anderson, Michael Eklund, Tim Rozon, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell and Melanie Scrofano. We were extra excited for this panel, as our dear friend, Kevin Bachelder, was the moderator for Sunday’s panel. Kevin has been attending DragonCon for 13 years and has been involved in many panels and activities at Con, but we knew that this Wynonna cast panel held a very special importance for him and we were so happy that it was a huge success! Melanie had to leave mid-way through the panel to catch a flight home and you could see the disappointment on her face as she got up to leave. The cast really does love being there as much as we love having them there.

Here’s the Periscope for the Sunday Wynonna Earp Cast Panel:

In between the cast panel and the meetup scheduled for later that day, Rebecca went to check out the merch hall, which is in a completely separate building from the rest of the con buildings. The lineup wrapped around an entire city block just to get in, but fortunately it moved relatively steadily and it didn’t take too long. The merch hall is three floors of vendors, and it’s HUGE. There is something for everyone there, that’s for sure. It was lovely to meet the extremely talented Lora Innes, a series artist for the Wynonna Earp comics, and to give her her very own Peace Maker lanyard. We highly recommend stopping by her booth and saying hello if you’re ever at a con that she’s attending, and check out her amazing artwork online.

The Earper Meetup took place on Sunday evening, at the Westin hotel bar. It’s known as the “quiet little writer’s bar” during DragonCon, so you can imagine the surprise on the other patron’s, as well as the staff’s faces when about two hundred Earpers showed up to party together. Emily, Tim, Shamier and Michael all showed up, and spent so much time interacting with fans, meeting everyone, and taking photos. You could see the joy and amazement on all of the Earper’s faces, and everyone was so appreciative and polite. #PoliteNoChill is the Earper motto, after all. We topped the celebration off with a huge birthday cake and a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday to celebrate Bridget’s birthday. Of course, because it was DragonCon, someone with a huge sword came by and used it to cut herself a slice of cake, and ate it right off the sword. These things happen at Con. Overall the Earper Meetup was a massive success and everyone had an Earptastic time.

Here are some tweets and Periscopes of the meetup to give you a flavor for it!


Monday, September 4

The last day of DragonCon is much, much quieter than the previous three days. The Walk of Fame, where you can get autographs and take selfies with the guests, is much less crowded. The final Wynonna Earp Cast Panel was a little bit smaller too, the lineups weren’t quite as long as some Earpers had to return to real life. Emily Andras, Michael Eklund, Tim Rozon, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, and Katherine Barrell all spoke on the panel, and the director of the Urban Fantasy Track at DragonCon, Carol Malcolm, was the moderator. Shamier wasn’t able to be on the panel, because he needed to catch a flight, but he showed up in the audience right at the beginning and pretended to ask the cast a question.

It takes a village to generate all of the photos, video, periscopes, and tweets, and turn it into an interactive experience for both ComicCans and ComicCants. We were happy to jump in and help periscope panels whenever an extra set of hands were needed! Next time we’re totally bringing a selfie stick!

Here’s the Periscope for the Monday Wynonna Earp cast panel:

Closing Thoughts

Closing thoughts about DragonCon:  it’s really fun, and it’s easier the second time around since you’ve experienced the crowds, the waiting in lines, and the routine of the Walk Of Fame. To some extent, you’ll also remember how to get around.

Wearing Peace Maker lanyards was a great and mostly unintentional way to identify other Earpers and made for an easy way of “finding your people” and starting conversations.

Earpers are awesome.

Tacos are tasty.

What’s your favorite DragonCon memory, whether you experienced it in person or were a #ComicCant? Write a comment on this post, or tweet us @fangirlshirts!

Links To Other DragonCon recaps, blog posts, and summaries:

When we finally got home after so many days away, we had several orders to fulfill. So we did! At Fangirl Shirts, we’re always shipping something…

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Have you heard of #WynonnaTravels? An Earper @Julieco75789404 thought up this idea, and @Deb_Renee drew an AMAZING graphic and has mailed and sent laminated Wynonnas to fans all over the world. Fans photograph her on travel adventures near and far. You can see them all on the #WynonnaTravels facebook page.

For Deb’s upcoming birthday, her amazing, wonderful, thoughtful wife had an idea:  how about putting #WynonnaTravels on a shirt for Deb as a surprise? We helped make this vision a reality. Then, wouldn’t you know it, several Earpers said they would like to have one too, and Deb said we could make her design available for everyone.

We asked Deb if she’d like to designate a charity for part of the proceeds, and Deb chose the BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions, which is helping to rescue pets from flooded homes in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. 50% of the proceeds will go directly to the Houston BARC Foundation, which is the 501(c)3 wing of BARC.

Get your own #WynonnaTravels shirt today! (EU, yours will be available soon in the EU store after we iron out some technical difficulties.)

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Earp It Forward with Fangirl Shirts!

You may have heard about Earp It Forward, a kindness project inspired by Wynonna Earp and created by @kindnesskru. The Wynonna Earp fandom is already known for kindness (it’s contagious, have you heard?). We know of several Earpers who have done giveaways with their con swag, for example, and fans who have bought T-shirts for each other and for new Earpers.

From time to time we’ve been asked if we can help anonymously facilitate Earping It Forward with our shirts for people. We would love to offer this as a service for Earpers who want to give an anonymous gift to someone else. Here’s how to do it:

  • Please fill out the form below with your name and email address, and the contact information (twitter handle or email address if you know it) for the person you’d like to Earp It Forward to
  • Let us know what product you’d like to Earp It Forward for (a specific T-shirt, one of our other products, etc.), or if you want the recipient to choose, and if there’s a maximum amount you’d like to spend
    • For reference, one T-shirt to a recipient in the USA plus the Earp It Forward facilitation fee is about $24
    • One T-shirt to a recipient in the EU is about $29 USD (shipping costs more)
    • One T-shirt to a recipient not in the USA or EU is about $33-35
  • We’ll contact the Earp It Forward recipient and ask them to select what they want
  • Once they’ve selected it, we’ll send you an invoice via PayPal for the cost of the item, tax, shipping, and a $3 facilitation fee for us handling the communication and logistics
  • You pay the invoice
  • We send the Earp It Forward recipient their goodies!

Important disclaimers:

  • If the recipient doesn’t respond or declines to receive the EIF gift, that’s okay
  • We won’t facilitate Earp It Forwards for the Wynonna Earp cast, crew or writers – not because we don’t love them, but because you can send gifts directly to them already (just google Wynonna Earp fan mail)

If you have any questions about Earping It Forward with Fangirl Shirts, email us at fangirl at fangirlshirts dot com

Thanks! Be kind!