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X-Files: The Fangirl Is Out There

X-Files first premiered on TV on September 10, 1993, so this week we are celebrating the 24th anniversary of X-Files! The show captured our imaginations and has had a lasting impact.

One of the most impactful things for us was seeing Dana Scully on screen, playing a super smart science nerd, a medical doctor, an FBI agent, and in every way an equal to Fox Mulder. As science nerds ourselves here at Fangirl Shirts, she was and is an inspiration.

Kira Beaudoin is also a huge X-Phile, and created this fantastic design that we are bringing to you in collaboration with her. For those of you in the EU, you can get yours in the Fangirl Shirts EU Store. Happy 24th anniversary, X-Files! 

But wait – there’s more!

At Fangirl Shirts our core mission is to make awesome shirts for a previously underserved population of fandom – fangirls, and we are proud of that. We are also committed to inclusion, and we know that not everyone identifies as a girl, or a fangirl. Whenever possible, we try to make gender-neutral designs available as well.

So we also are proud to announce in collaboration with Kira the X-Phile design.

Visit Kira’s Redbubble store and her Etsy shop to see all her awesome work.

Both designs in this blog post, “The Fangirl Is Out There” and “X-Phile” are Copyright 2017 Kira Beaudoin. All Rights Reserved.

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Tacos Are Tasty! Tacos Are Tasty!

New Tacos Are Tasty Shirts! Here they are! EU residents, they’re in the EU store.

In Season 2 of Wynonna Earp, “Tacos are tasty!” has become the new go-to SOS phrase for our favourite characters, much like “pomegranate” from season one. We first heard Waverly say it when she went undercover for Black Badge Division in episode 204. You might remember the episode – there was a sequinned dress, sultry singing, and something about a hand (?) that we can’t quite remember.

We heard it again from Wynonna when she was startled by the horse in episode 208. Melanie Scrofano improvised that line because she thought it would be funnier, as we learned from The TV Junkies’ Bridget Liszewski’s postmortem with showrunner Emily Andras. (If you haven’t been reading these interviews immediately after every episode, we highly recommend that you do!)

Artist Kira Beaudoin came up with this fun design and we love it so much! Get yours here (or here in the EU) and use it as a conversation starter to help spread the word about Wynonna Earp!

Visit Kira’s stores on Redbubble and Etsy to see all her other artwork.

The design in this blog post “Tacos Are Tasty” is Copyright 2017 Kira Beaudoin. All Rights Reserved.

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Pussy Willows – Collaboration With Kira Beaudoin

We are so excited to tell you about our latest collaboration! When Kira Beaudoin suggested that we collaborate, we could hardly believe it because we’re such big fans of her work. Kira is an amazing artist who makes fan art in her own distinctive style. She draws so many of our favorite characters from our favorite shows.

We thought a perfect (hopefully just the first) collaboration would be the Pussy Willows logo from episode 207 of Wynonna Earp. We won’t spoil the episode for you in case you haven’t seen it yet (why haven’t you seen it yet? Go watch it!), but we will say that we loved the conversation between Wynonna and Nicole that happened at Pussy Willows, both for its honest heart-to-heartedness and for the hilarious moments.

We’ve made shirts, mugs, pillows and can koozies! If you’re in the EU, you can get the shirts and mugs from the FGS EU store.

If you’d also like prints, postcards and more, you can get them from Kira’s online stores featuring full lines of her artwork. Visit her Etsy shop, and then visit her Redbubble store. In addition to the TV characters and more that we love, we knew that Kira was a kindred spirit when we saw that she makes fan art about Emily Andras.

Go check out Kira’s stuff and buy it all!

The design in this blog post “Pussy Willows” is Copyright 2017 Kira Beaudoin. All Rights Reserved.