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Feminist Killjoy

Sometimes things just kind of HAPPEN in this age of social media and interconnectedness. A Killjoys fan @SammieRie tweeted that they wanted a shirt that said Feminist Killjoy in the Killjoys font.

Then Michelle Lovretta, the awesome amazing creator and showrunner of Killjoys, said she wanted one too!

Then a few people tagged us and said they thought we could make one. Then we said YES WE CAN WE WOULD LOVE TO DO THIS. We hooked up with our awesome designer friend PeakEarp and here it is!

Feminist Killjoy

Fangirl Shirts was co-founded by a couple of friends who met on twitter because we both loved Lost Girl, which was created by Michelle Lovretta. We were thrilled when she went on to create Killjoys. We are total Killjoys fangirls, and we love the characters, the  themes, the representation, the suspenseful, exciting story and the FEMINISM.

Be a Feminist Killjoy. Get yours today!

PS – PeakEarp is a dope designer, don’t you think? We do. She has a slew of other original designs available at her Redbubble store, so go and get ’em all!