Sticker Pack of 10 Stickers


Maybe you want two of each, maybe you want ten of one. If you want six of one and half a dozen of the other, then you’ll have to add two extra, because this Sticker Pack is for ten stickers. Mix and match, the sky’s the limit!

Sticker - peace maker – optional

Peacemaker - the name of Wynonna Earp's gun.

peace maker - one who makes peace.

This sticker measures 3x5".

A portion of all sales of this sticker will be donated directly to Everytown for Gun Safety. 

Read more about peace maker here.

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Sticker - Black Badge Division – optional

Wynonna Earp joined Deputy Marshal Dolls in the Black Badge Division. Officer Nicole Haught was read in by Doc Holliday. Waverly Earp does critical research. Heck, we think even Nedley might be ready to join up. You can become the latest agent on the force with this 3x5" glossy sticker! Get more than one and use them to tell your friends about the awesome new show Wynonna Earp.

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Sticker - Lexa – optional

Lexa on The 100 was one of the most compelling characters we’ve come across in a very long time, and we miss her tremendously. She did what no other Commander before her was able to do – unite the 12 clans in peace. She opened herself up to loving Clarke, and to changing the brutally pragmatic survival ethos of the Grounders - blood must NOT have blood. Lexa was a strong leader, a fierce warrior, and a hero to a legion of devoted fans. Reshop, Heda.

This square sticker measures 4x4".

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Sticker - WayHaught – optional

"I love this sticker." "I know, baby." We celebrate some of the best moments and favorite lines from the WayHaught relationship in Season One of Wynonna Earp. Designed by Bonnie from @WynonnaFans, we've put as many of Nicole and Waverly's great lines on this sticker as possible. Dudes dig stickers - do chicks?


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Sticker - Wynonna Earp Love – optional

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. If you're a fan of the awesome new TV show Wynonna Earp, then you can wear your heart anywhere you want with this sticker showcasing some of the best lines from Season 1. Designed by Bonnie from @WynonnaFans, this sticker captured our hearts just like Wynonna, Waverly, Doc, Dolls and Nicole did.

Don't be a shit ticket, because that's a Bobo no-no. Get yours today - they're top shelf!

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Feminist Killjoy Sticker

Feminist Killjoy sticker! Show you love Killjoys AND feminism with this sticker.

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Clexa Sticker

Clarke and Lexa on the The 100 forged a connection despite all odds. Though their time together was way too short, they had so many significant moments. We've put some of our favorites on a sticker to remind us all. Reshop, Heda. May we meet again.

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