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ClexaCon 2018 Preorders

We’re coming back to ClexaCon 2018! We’ll have a vendor table again this year that will be fully stocked with T-shirts and fun non-T-shirt items like pins, stickers, lanyards, temporary tattoos and koozies.

If you want to pre-purchase and pick up any Special Edition gear like hoodies, tank tops, long-sleeved shirts or mugs, you can do that using this form. We won’t be bringing these items and styles in quantity unless you preorder them.

The deadline to preorder is March 10, 2018.

  • To pre-purchase anything from our main catalog, use this link and specify “Pickup at ClexaCon 2018” as the shipping method.
  • For Special Edition items:  use this link to view our special edition products (for a guided tour, check out the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide), then fill out the form at the bottom of this post. If you want more than one special edition product, fill out the form twice, three times…you get it. We’ll send you an invoice via PayPal and we’ll bring your stuff to ClexaCon! You can pick it up at our vendor table starting on Friday, April 5.

We’ll need to know:

  • The shirt or item name
  • The style (v-neck, flowy tank top, unisex crewneck, zip-up hoodie, etc.)
  • The color
  • The size
  • The link to the special edition product
  • Your contact information so we can communicate with you if we have questions

Important note:  vinegar is used as a fixative for screenprinting, so your shirts may smell slightly of vinegar until they’re washed. This doesn’t have to prevent you from wearing the shirts right away, but we want you to be aware in advance. If you prefer to wash your shirts first so they don’t smell like vinegar, you can check out as normal and pay the shipping cost.

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Fangirl Shirts ClexaCon Fun Run 2018 Official T-Shirt

It’s here – the Official Shirt for the Fangirl Shirts ClexaCon 2018 Fun Run!

The Fun Run is a free event we are organizing for ClexaCon 2018. The Fun Run is an inclusive event that is open to everyone – runners, walkers, and cheerleaders (pom-poms optional).  Get all the details here.

There are two ways to get a shirt:

    • Buy one – we have women’s, unisex, and unisex tank tops available
      • If you’re in the EU, buy it via the EU store to save on shipping and customs
        • Note:  the tank top, and unisex shirts in sizes above 2X are only available from the USA link. If you prefer, you can order from our ClexaCon Preorders page (link coming soon) and pick up your shirt at ClexaCon
      • Preorder a shirt and pick it up at ClexaCon
  • Earn one – join Team Fangirl
    • Team Fangirl is a group of people who have signed up to raise money for the True Colors Fund to support their work to end LGBTQ homelessness
    • So far Team Fangirl members have raised over $650 from friends and family for the True Colors Fund
    • Our goal is $2,000
    • Anyone who raises $100 or more for the True Colors Fund will get a free shirt!

Hope to see you at the Fun Run! If you haven’t signed up yet for the Fun Run, you can get all the information here.

Thank you to Michelle Johnson Design for creating this awesome graphic

Graphic created by Michelle Johnson Design, also known in the Earperverse as Peak Earp

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Pitch Us!

Do you have a great idea for a women-empowering fan T-shirt? Pitch us!

We love hearing new ideas – fandoms are some of the most creative spaces we’ve been in, and the possibilities for designs that empower women and lift up our favorite shows and movies are endless.

We created this form to make it easier for people to pitch us a T-shirt idea. Sometimes people just have a fun idea that they want to tell us about, and sometimes they have final artwork ready to go. We’re open to considering all ideas. We can’t promise that we’ll be able to accept or make every design you send our way, but we promise that we’ll read them all!

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Riley Parra

The T-shirt news in this blog post is that we have a new design for the web series Riley Parra! Here’s a quick link to the designs. But first, some thoughts about LGBTQ+ representation, and shout-outs to some awesome people.

Hello from your Fangirl Shirts founders, Rebecca and Sally! We both grew up in a time where there was no queer representation on network television. Then once queer characters started to appear on network and cable TV, it took a long time for that representation to become even partially positive and affirming. What was a queer lady to do back then? If you were Christin Baker, you didn’t wait around for TV to catch up – you made the content you wanted to see, and started streaming that content online for everyone else who wanted to see it.

Christin Baker, Founder and CEO of tello Films

Christin Baker is the founder and CEO of tello Films. She started tello in 2007 “out of passion to provide modern and relevant lesbian-focused stories for the under-served lesbian community.” From the get-go, tello has stood by their pledge to never have programming that ends with the death of a lesbian character. We were incredibly excited to share the stage with Christin at ClexaCon 2017 at the Queer Lady Business panel. Christin is nice, enthusiastic, wicked smart and a hoot, so if you get a chance to meet her, don’t pass it by!

Geonn Cannon is the author of the Riley Parra book series, as well as many other stories and novels. We haven’t met Geonn in person yet, but we are looking forward to it when it happens! Riley Parra the web series is based on Geonn’s books. He has been incredibly nice and generous to us, and we sincerely appreciate it – plus, he’s fun to talk to – follow him on twitter! Then check out Geonn’s website and buy his books!

Here’s a spoiler-free summary of Riley Parra from imdb:  “Riley Parra is a good cop in a corrupt department who discovers a war between angels and demons is being waged in her city. Both sides have chosen mortal champions, and Riley is the only chance the Good side has of winning.” The first season was released on tello in 2017, and filming for Season 2 starts today, January 19, 2018! 

In addition to a suspenseful storyline and plot twists we never saw coming, Riley Parra has awesome queer representation. Riley Parra herself is played by Marem Hassler, and the medical examiner Gillian Hunt (who also happens to be Riley’s love interest), is played by Liz Vassey. And as Star Trek fangirls, we’re psyched that Season 2 will see the addition of Marina Sirtis.

We’re grateful that there is a platform like tello that provides positive, quality lesbian content. We are tello subscribers, and we encourage you to become one too if you’re not already! Then go watch Riley Parra and all the other awesome series on tello. Support the content you wish to see in the world.

We’re so excited to be able to tell you that we’ve partnered with tello and Geonn to bring you a Riley Parra shirtCheck out the different styles on our website, and if you’re in the EU, it’s available in our EU Store.

We asked Geonn and Christin to share a few thoughts with us about Riley Parra, the importance of visibility, and being a fan. And they said yes! Here’s what they had to say.

Geonn Cannon

Riley Parra was born before Rizzoli & Isles premiered, but it definitely ended up being an answer to that show’s problem with queerbaiting its audience (fun fact: the “Detective Falls for Medical Examiner” was actually inspired by the friendship between Kate Beckett and Lainie Parrish on ‘Castle’, which eventually included a guest appearance by our pal Liz Vassey). I was writing the stories at a time when it was almost unheard of for a show to actually steer into a lesbian relationship for its lead characters. I watched Once Upon a Time a lot longer than I care to admit hoping against hope they might actually do what the fans wanted. But no. It wasn’t to be.

That’s the most important thing you should know about Riley Parra. It’s written by someone who was/is a fan like you. I recorded Stargate SG-1 onto VHS, and then I copied that tape onto a second tape so I could cut out the commercials. Now I own every episode on DVD (I have two full sets) and I own a digital version of every episode. I know what it’s like to be on the other side of a TV show, and I know the responsibilty I have to the fans. Without you, there is no show (especially true with Riley Parra, which owes its continued life to crowdfunding!) and I don’t take that lightly. I’ve been hurt by shows in the past (I still can’t watch the Stargate episode where Janet dies… too painful) and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure Riley Parra keeps your trust!

It’s Geonn in his Riley Parra shirt!

Christin Baker

When I was in college I was obsessed with Xena: Warrior Princess. I wasn’t really sure why I was so obsessed with that show. I got the full first season on VHS, which was all I could afford at the time. I was a loyal fan and would not miss a show – I mean it’s because there are strong female characters who have awesome fight scenes right? And I don’t know why the storyline where Xena goes to China and meets Lao Ma was my absolute favorite and don’t forget about the scene where she’s hiding in the spa/bath thing and needs help breathing underwater…

…Anyway, I’m a lesbian and didn’t realize until later why Xena spoke to a place in my soul that no other TV show did before. It was clear to me that Xena and Gabrielle were soul mates. And it was a show I could watch that wasn’t considered a “lesbian” show and so it was safe for me to enjoy and not feel weird or scared until I was ready to come out.

I’m so glad that now there are series that can have a lesbian couple or lesbian character and not have to be subtle about it. I’m also glad that we have stopped killing these lesbian characters. I make series for our community because I love them and there aren’t enough of them. I make them because I want people to feel represented and see their lives in the media. I’m so glad that Fangirl Shirts exists because they allow us to proudly wear out fandom on our bodies and support them as other fandoms have been able to do for much longer. I met these lovely ladies at ClexaCon last year when I did the Queer Lady Business panel and have a huge Queer Lady Business crush on them and I’m looking forward to doing another Queer Lady Business panel in 2018!

(Us too, Christin!)

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Queer Lady Business

Happy New Year! Goodbye, 2017, but more importantly, hello, 2018!

The New Year is a time when many people make resolutions for what they’re going to do differently or better. Sometimes people also set goals for themselves.

We think you’re perfect exactly as you are.

But, if you want to make any resolutions for 2018, we invite you to join us in this one:

In 2018, we resolve to support queer lady business.

What’s that, you ask? We mean businesses that are owned and run by queer women, who look to fill a needed niche for queer women, and who work to lift up and empower queer women with their product or service.

We started Fangirl Shirts because too often, we couldn’t find geeky T-shirts that were designed specifically with women in mind. We also had trouble finding a variety of products that celebrated female characters, queer characters, and queer relationships. And if we did find those things in the mass market, we weren’t always sure if our money was going to a company that shared our values.

So we started our own company. Now we make the shirts we want to wear.

Similar stories have played out in other industries – media, entertainment, publishing, apparel, fan conventions and more. If queer ladies wanted something but couldn’t find it, then they made their own thing. We want to support that, because their thing is also our thing.

What does support mean?

  • Financial support – buying products, paying for subscriptions, attending events
  • Amplifying voices – following these brands on social media, liking and sharing their content
  • Spreading the word – if you like something you get from these businesses, tell your friends about it

At ClexaCon 2017, we led a panel called Queer Lady Business, where we and other queer business owners talked about what it’s like to run businesses that have queer women as their customers, that seek to serve the LGBTQ+ community, and that give back. We were joined by:

You can listen to the recording of the panel here.

We’re happy to tell you that Queer Lady Business will be back at ClexaCon 2018 in Las Vegas. So far the panel includes us, Ebone Bell from Tagg Magazine, and Christin from tello films, with Andi returning as our moderator. We had an amazing experience discussing this topic with the women on last year’s panel as well as the attendees, and we’re so excited to do it again this year with both new and familiar faces. We hope we’ll see you there!

They say “if you build it, they will come.” Along those same lines, with businesses, if you support them, they will thrive. The only way to keep queer lady businesses in business is to support them, buy their products, and tell your friends about them. Find companies that are making products or offering events and services that you want, spreading messages you believe in, and being a force for good in the world. Then do whatever you can to show everyone that you love what they’re doing and want them to continue – including spending money on them.

Here’s a short, non-comprehensive list of queer lady businesses that we support. We also thought about trying to making a full list of queer lady businesses, but we quickly realized that other places have already done that, so we’re going to link to them instead.

  • Autostraddle – Fangirl Shirts is an A+ member
  • Black Girl Nerds – we are a Patreon for Black Girl Nerds
  • ClexaCon – we’re a sponsor of ClexaCon in 2018
  • Tagg Magazine – we are subscribers, and are excited that Ebone Bell, founder and Editor In Chief of Tagg Magazine, will be joining us for Queer Lady Business at ClexaCon 2018!
  • tello Films – we subscribe to premium content from tello Films, and are excited that Christin Baker is returning to Queer Lady Business at ClexaCon 2018!

Links to lists of Queer Lady Businesses

We know these lists don’t include everything. Please let us know if there’s a queer lady business list we should add by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading!

Take care of yourselves and each other.
Here’s to a happy, healthy, and queer 2018!