About Us

Clothing is intimate. We wear it every day. We want it to look good, feel comfortable – and, if we’re lucky, for it to say something about who we are and what we love. We want our clothing to reflect our values. At Fangirl Shirts, one of our values is that women and girls should be full and equal participants in all areas of life – including fandom.

We make awesome shirts by, for and about awesome women.

Stories help shape our imaginations around what’s possible, and women characters help girls and women to visualize what they could do and be. We think every person should have an equal playing field to be able to achieve their dreams.

We will regularly design new shirts for sale and would love your input for what should inspire our next design. Tell us about your favorites!

Mission and Vision
The mission of Fangirl Shirts is to provide quality shirts by, for and about awesome women. We envision a world where girls and women are full and equal participants in all areas of their lives.

Fangirl Shirts was founded by Rebecca and Sally out of a mutual love for genre television, strong women characters, equality for girls and women, and cool T-shirts. We both grew up being encouraged to believe that we could do anything. And we each have families and want our kids to grow up in a world where they think they can do anything, too.

And we’re fangirls! We are fans first and foremost, always.

Check out the interview that Women and Words did with us for more background on the company and the founders.

Check out the #EarperViews that @lesbiyinzer did with Rebecca and Sally for more background on who we are.

Equality for Girls and Women
A portion of every shirt sale is donated to a nonprofit organization that is working to make the world a better and more equal place for girls and women in all areas of life. We’ve already chosen a few but we’d love to hear suggestions from you about kickass nonprofits that we should support.

Graphic design services are provided by:

Design Collaborators
Sometimes we partner and collaborate with awesome artists who have their own online stores. Visit their shops!