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In Emily We Trust. Please Fandras Responsibly.

2017 has been a challenging year in many ways.
But there were also good things about 2017 – including Wynonna Earp and the Earper fandom.
We’re happy to be able to close out 2017 with something really awesome.

From the creative mind and hands of Megan Smith, @Nuutmeg on Twitter, came an awesome T-shirt design that she wore at DragonCon 2017. We admired that shirt. We coveted that shirt. Today, we’re psyched to tell you that we are partnering with Megan to bring you that shirt. (EU folks, it’s available in the EU Store!)

Introducing:  In Emily We Trust

Here’s a bit about Megan in her own words and why she was inspired to design “In Emily We Trust.”

Who is Megan? I’m basically just a creative nerd who really is not all that great at putting my feelings into words but is definitely better at putting my love and passion for things into forms of art. Sometimes it’s cross-stitching. Sometimes it’s a random t shirt that gets me stopped at Dragon Con every 5 minutes asking “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!” Most importantly I’m an Earper. An Earper who truly admires one Emily Andras.

(Megan also has an Etsy shop called “Make Your Piece” where she sells Earp-themed cross-stitch. New products almost instantly sell out every time she posts something new, so bookmark her shop and follow her on Twitter!)

What Inspired In Emily We Trust? While being sort of new to the fandom when Season 2 of Wynonna Earp started, I like many others, saw a whole lot of love for the people on the show but I also noticed one thing that I’ve never really seen in another show that I’ve been so invested in. There is such immense love for the people who make the show. One super important woman in particular, Emily Andras.

Season two went on and I slowly started to see a little bit of doubt floating around with some story lines and as we all know, there are a lot of opinions thrown around on the internet (I’m looking at you, twitter). I felt very confused because in my heart I felt nothing but excitement to see where everything was going. I had only trust in her (and the writers) that we were not going to be let down. What makes her so good is you can be behind her 100% and she will still find a way to make your entire body shake with nerves when one of the most beloved characters spends an entire episode in a hospital bed possibly minutes away from death. Emily just…cares. I think anyone can see that in the writing of this show. She has nothing but good intentions to give us the best television and positive LGBT representation she can. WE believe in her and WE trust her.

All of this was what inspired this design. It was inspired by the love and support of all the fellow Fandras-ers (sorry Emily but oh boy is it most definitely a thing™) who have her back. I wanted to make sure that she knew that and I wanted to contribute something positive for the gift she has given us. The idea popped into my head, I made a design, kept it pretty simple, and don’t even let her tell you she doesn’t like it because she definitely took a photo of it when she saw it at Dragon Con!

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, so we won’t try. But we will add a couple of thoughts.

Gather round, everyone, while the Ol’ Granny Fangirls tell you about The History of Fandras. We’re into portmanteaus, probably because of all the ship names we’ve learned over the years while watching awesome TV. Waaaaaaaaaaay back in the annals of history – about two years ago give or take – we mashed up the phrase “Fan of Emily Andras” into “Fandras.” It just feels good to say, doesn’t it? Fandras Fandras Fandras.

Anyway, Hashtag Fandras gained some traction after it got mentioned on the Whiskey & Doughnuts Video Hangout with Bonnie and Kevin during Season One. Layn’eh made an awesome graphic for it and partnered with us to make it available to anyone who wanted to Fandras up their life.

Everyone in the whole entire world loves Fandras – except for Emily Andras. She has said things like “Never trust a writer,” and “Save your love for the pretty people, the actors,” and myriad other antifandras statements. She insists that it’s not a thing (it’s totally a thing). She uses a Sharpie to deface any Fandras T-shirt she can, if anyone wanders too near her while wearing one.

(In case our humorous tone isn’t coming through clearly here, while all of these things are 100% true, there’s no malice involved, just good old-fashioned humor.)

So we wanted to talk a bit about what Fandras means to us.

Here’s what it doesn’t mean in our minds:  blind faith in a person to be the one and only producer of stories in which we find validation. It doesn’t mean complete confidence that we will never be disappointed. It doesn’t mean that we’ll love every single plot twist and narrative choice in Wynonna Earp, or in any future projects. It doesn’t mean that a storyline or a character’s development has to go the way we want it to in order for us to appreciate the writing. It doesn’t mean that we’re groupies.

Yeah yeah yeah. That’s what it’s not. But what IS it?

To us, Fandras is about appreciating the creativity, humor, strength, bravery and tenacity of a person who has created some truly amazing television. While we don’t know even a tenth about what goes into making a TV show, we feel certain that it hasn’t always been an easy task.

We believe in you, Emily.

To us, Fandras is also about always striving to do better. It’s listening, learning, and working to improve. Fandras is about acknowledging that we are all fallible humans and that none of us does anything perfectly all the time. Every person in the world has made mistakes. The Fandras way of processing a mistake is to work to understand it, and then figure out how to do better next time.

Fandras also means trust. We trust Emily. We trust that her intentions are good. If there’s something in a TV show that she’s written that we don’t understand or like right away, we will give it time to see how it plays out.

This is what Fandras means to us, Sally and Rebecca of Fangirl Shirts. Please tell us in the comments what Fandras means to you! We would love to hear from other Fandrases, all over the world. #MultiFandras

We have one more thing to announce in conjunction with Megan’s design – it’s our new “Please Fandras Responsibly” koozie! Available through our main catalog, we’re offering a special discount through January 15. If you’ve purchased an “In Emily We Trust” shirt or mug, just email us a copy of your receipt (fangirl at fangirlshirts dot com) and we’ll send you a coupon for 20% off a Please Fandras Responsibly Koozie.


Thanks to Emily Andras, Wynonna Earp, Earpers, Megan, and YOU for being one of the best parts of 2017.

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