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Themyscira Archers

So you’ve enrolled at Themyscira University – congratulations! At “Them U,” we believe that a well-rounded education consists of a healthy balance of academic rigor and extracurricular activity. Maybe you’ve decided to hitch your wagon to the Themyscira Equestrian Team – a great choice! For a horse of a different color, you can also join the Themyscira Archers.

The Archers are a team that prides themselves on being straight shooters – well, when it comes to bows and arrows, anyway. Wink wink! We encourage you aim high, both with your goals and your projectiles. Everyone is welcome. Join us today – get your team gear here!

Archers joining us from the EU can pick up their team gear in the EU store.

Go Amazons!

We’re grateful for the expertise and knowledge of our friend Patricia Gonsalves at Lykopis Archery, who helped us get the archer and bow just right. 

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