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I Love Earp

Hello, Earpers, how is everyone doing in the liminal space of In Between Seasons? We are going to be hard at work during this time making new stuff for Earpers and for other fandoms. We also wanted to take a moment to celebrate how totally awesome Season 2 of Wynonna Earp was.

Wasn’t it FABULOUS? The storyline, the unexpected plot twists, the brilliantly executed pregnancy, the suspense, the drama! All of these things were thrilling and moving. What binds it all together is the characters and their relationships with each other. The most exciting story in the world would be boring if the characters weren’t that interesting, and the most boring story in the world can still be gripping if the characters are complex, three-dimensional, and compelling.

Well, we Earpers are lucky enough to have both – an exciting story and compelling characters. TV entertains us, but at its best it also makes us feel things. At its very best, it inspires us and helps us learn about ourselves and how to navigate our lives and all the situations that we go through as humans. How do we make decisions that seem impossible? How can we be brave when we feel scared? How do we decide to live authentically and love the people we love? How do we become our better selves?

Perhaps you’re like us at Fangirl Shirts. We can see parts of ourselves – who we used to be, and who we want to be – in the characters of Wynonna Earp. We also see parts of people we’ve come across in our real lives, and watching our Earp heroes navigate both challenging situations and relationships with each other is a huge part of why we <3 this show.

So we’ve made some shirts that celebrate the characters. (There are 336 variations for 14 characters, so skip down to the list in this blog post to get quick links to each character.) These shirts pair well with a leather jacket for when you’re out on your motorcycle for a quick visit to your mom in her mountain hideout, with a blazer when you’re being a boss at the office, or with shorts when you’re out running a 5k.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can tell the world who you love and all about the awesome TV show Wynonna Earp. (And if your actual name also happens to be Waverly, or Emily, or Wynonna, etc. then people will just think you have healthy self-esteem.)

North America and other countries that aren’t in the EU, get your Earp on here. EU, you’ll find yours in the EU store.

Right now there are shirts for:

We know we didn’t get every single Earp character, so if you have a favorite that we missed, tell us in the comments, email fangirl at fangirlshirts dot com, or tweet us @fangirlshirts and we’ll add it!

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