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I Got My Beaver Buzzed At Shorty’s

Anyone who knows us knows how much we love Canada, we love Wynonna Earp, and we loooove a good innuendo.

So when the Canadian energy drink, Beaver Buzz, was seen on Wynonna Earp last week (episode 206), this idea popped in our heads and we just couldn’t help ourselves.

Doc Holliday is now the proprietor of Shorty’s, and they keep a stockpile of Beaver Buzz in the basement. (He also makes a hell of a handsome beaver, don’t you think?)

So, if you’re needing a little pick-me-up, or if Hypnos is keeping your whole town asleep, stop by Shorty’s and get your Beaver Buzzed! And while you’re at it, pick up our new shirt to commemorate the occasion! (EU residents, yours are here in the EU store.)

If you live in Canada, you can pick up a can of honest-to-goodness real Beaver Buzz at the grocery store or order from If you live in the USA, only a few stores carry it so far, but you can order it from (and probably in the rest of the world, too).

So how about this – if you get one of our shirts, also pick up 12-pack of Beaver Buzz, and then tweet us @fangirlshirts and @BeaverBuzzNRG with a selfie? That would be dam awesome.

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