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Wynonna Earp + DragonCon 2017 = WAYHAUGHTLANTA

What do you get when you cross a bunch of Earpers, including us at Fangirl Shirts, with the cast and crew of Wynonna Earp at DragonCon, which happens in Atlanta, Georgia, which is sometimes known as “HotLanta” due to both the summer heat and the sexy nightlife in the city?


We made some T-shirts in celebration of Wynonna Earp and WayHaught at DragonCon 2017 – check them out!

WayHaughtLanta shirts
Hotlanta? More like WayHaughtLanta!

We love the TV show Wynonna Earp, and part of why we started Fangirl Shirts is to help promote the shows we love by making awesome T-shirts. We’re going to DragonCon, and we would love to see tons and tons of Earpers wearing shirts at the con that say “WYNONNA EARP” on them, loud and proud, and celebrating WayHaught!

We made three versions of the WayHaughtLanta design:

  • WayHaughtLanta Peach – the peach is an iconic symbol of Georgia, where DragonCon takes place, and we all know from “The Road to Purgatory” blog that Waverly and Nicole like to text emojis to each other, so this shirt features an emoji peach. Make sure you check out the details on the back of the shirt, too.
  • WayHaughtLanta Rainbow – the WayHaught relationship is awesome for itself, its place in the story, and the chemistry between Waverly and Nicole. Taking a step outside the fourth wall, WayHaught is incredibly important and well-done LGBTQ representation. The pride flag celebrates that, and the dragons are breathing fire on WayHaught are a nod to DragonCon itself as well as how haught this relationship is.
  • WayHaught Orangey Fire – while we all love rainbows, sometimes people prefer to wear a monochromatic design, and that’s cool too (it’s haught, but it’s cool, know what we mean?).

All three shirts say -WYNONNA EARP- on the back in our Peace Maker font. Get yours today, and make sure you order in time to have it before DragonCon!

If you’re in the EU, you can order the Rainbow and Orangey Fire WayHaughtLanta shirts from our EU Store.

Speaking of DragonCon, if you’re attending and you’re an Earper, you can join the “DragonCon Earpers” email discussion list to be in the loop about All Things Earp at DragonCon. Instructions for joining DragonCon Earpers is here on the Wynonna Earp Fans website.

If this is your first time attending DragonCon, something VERY helpful to attend will be the DragonCon Newbies session, organized by Kevin Bachelder. There’s a Facebook group as well, which is a friendly place to get your questions answered. Check it out here!

We hope to see you and meet you at DragonCon! Drop us a note in the comments if you’re going, and include your twitter handle if you have one!

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