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Canada Fangirl

We love Canada. There’s a lot to love about it – free health care, poutine, a welcoming environment for refugees, maple syrup, equal rights for women, doughnuts, TV, the list goes on and on…

When we love something at Fangirl Shirts, we put it on a T-shirt. Behold our “Canada Fangirl” shirt! Get yours in plenty of time to wear it for Canada Day (July 1). This year is “Canada 150” – that’s right, this year is the 150th birthday of Canada.

As always, we donate a portion of every shirt sale to nonprofits working to make the world a better place for girls and women. One of our nonprofit beneficiaries is the Canadian Women’s Foundation, working to help women and girls out of poverty and violence, and into confidence.

While there are many things we love about the country of Canada as a whole, and we could devote an entire essay to that topic, you probably know us best as fangirls of strong female characters in TV shows and the movies. You’ll find a lot of strong, three-dimensional female characters in Canadian TV shows, so it’s no surprise that these are some of the shows we love so much we’ve made T-shirts about them:

We also have watched and loved shows that we haven’t (yet?) made shirts for, including Bomb Girls, Rookie Blue, and X Company.

Check out The TV Junkies’ The Women Behind Canadian TV series, a fantastic multi-post series of interviews with women who create Canadian TV. Bridget Liszewski has 30 interviews (and counting!) posted in this series, as well as this analysis about gender representation behind the scenes.

For your enjoyment:  here’s one of our favorite fanvids from 2013 about some of our favorite Canadian TV shows, created and expertly mashed up by SurrenderToRandomnness, set to “Canadian, Please” by gunnarolla and Julia Bentley.

Tell us YOUR favorite things about Canada in the comments! And get a Canada Fangirl shirt today and wear it proudly, eh?

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