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Why We Love Wynonna Earp

This post doesn’t contain plot spoilers for Season One of Wynonna Earp, but it does contain discussion about the characters. If you haven’t yet seen Wynonna Earp Season One and want to remain 100% spoiler-free, then bookmark this post for later (but do check out all our Wynonna Earp gear!)

Wynonna Earp is coming to Netflix! That’s right, this Saturday, April 1 (no fooling!) you’ll be able to binge the entire season on Netflix in the USA. On April 15 in Canada, Season One will be re-airing on the Space Channel. If you haven’t seen it yet, but your friends have been constantly bugging you to watch, then make sure you do it right away. And take it from us – you’re in for a treat and so much awesome entertainment.

If you’ve already seen Season One but you’re in the mood for a rewatch with some pals, then join a large group of Earpers who will be doing a coordinated rewatch of the season, complete with live tweeting and post-episode video hangouts. Follow @WynonnaFans@WynonnaEarpPod and @BridgetOnTV for the details. Earpers have redefined the idea of Polite #NoChill when it comes to supporting their beloved show, and new fans will be welcomed to a kind, supportive fandom with open arms.

Best of all, Season Two premieres on Friday, June 9 (in the USA, Canadian air date pending)! We can barely contain our excitement – though as fangirls, we don’t think we’re expected to.

In advance of this Earp-a-palooza that awaits, we wanted to share some thoughts about why we love the show.

We Love the Characters

Wynonna Earp herself, the titular character, is a damaged heart wrapped up in a hot mess of contradictions. She fled her hometown of Purgatory to escape her metaphorical demons, then returned years later to fight her literal demons. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her, but she also subconsciously craves approval and validation. She wields a weapon that has chosen her, with which she caused a cataclysmic change in her family and destroyed her young life.

Maybe, possibly, she might drink too much sometimes.

And we love her. We love her brave heart, her honesty about her fears, and her ride-or-die commitment to keep her family safe and take up a legacy and responsibility that she spent most of her life running from. She is tough as nails. She feels things deeply but shrugs them off with a sarcastic comment. She doesn’t let people’s past impressions of her determine who she will be today. She is fierce, funny, brave and she takes risks. She likes doughnuts, and she really really likes motorcycles.

She loves her sister with her whole heart.

Waverly Earp is the little sister who was left behind when her family fell apart. Smart, curious and persistent, she hasn’t given up, even when everyone around her let her down and left her. She hasn’t become bitter and isn’t holding a grudge. She’s optimistic and welcoming without being anyone’s fool – and as a server at Shorty’s bar, she’s had to deal with her share of buffoons. Waverly lets herself be open to a whole new realization about herself, and along with it, a new relationship.

Xavier Dolls is a stern, by-the-book mysterious authority figure with a secret. If you look up “tough love” in the dictionary, you might find his picture there for all the times he prods Wynonna to overcome her reluctance to do what needs to be done. What is he hiding and what’s up with his eyes?

Doc Holliday is an old-timey down-home character who manages to shrug off the wonderment of the modern world and see people for who they are. Bent on revenge, he’s just as surprised as anyone when he really starts to care. He’s also possibly the snappiest dresser this side of the Rocky Mountains – paisley shirts and vests never go out of style.

Nicole Haught is a confident, swaggering-but-not-in-an-off-putting-way newcomer to the Purgatory scene, and her ignorance of the undercurrents of mystery and supernatural goings-on in town is our window as viewers into this mysterious tableau. Her self-knowledge and acceptance of her friends for who and where they are in their lives is a great model for all of us.

We Love the Relationships

Each person in the world is on their own journey. Along the way, we do our best to love each other and struggle through life together.

On TV, characters don’t exist in a vacuum. They interact with each other, learn from each other, and help each other. In doing so, they reveal and discover parts of who they are. The relationships between the characters on Wynonna Earp are one of the most delightful and satisfying facets of the show. We love watching the characters individually, but where they intersect to help, fight and love each other is one of the richest veins of story gold you’ll find.

Every character pair has something to offer, and no character is flat or exists only for one purpose.

  • Wynonna and Waverly and their sisterly love bond
  • Waverly and Nicole and the path they forge of new understanding
  • Wynonna and Nicole and their moment of bonding and shared experience
  • Wynonna and Dolls and their mentor/unwilling pupil relationship, along with Wynonna’s need for Dolls’ approval masked by disdain
  • Wynonna and Doc and their sparking chemistry
  • Doc and Waverly’s friendship based on caring and truth-telling
  • Doc and Dolls and their rivalry-turned-partnership
  • Nicole and Dolls and their grudgingly gained mutual respect
  • Nicole and Doc are getting there – he was the one who finally told Nicole the truth about Purgatory

We Love the Themes

Wynonna Earp is both a fun and serious show. It has hilarious and snappy dialogue, mysterious backstory and characters, lots of action, and occasional gore and scary moments. It also examines some big questions. Without giving away plot spoilers, we’ll say that we’re enjoying how the show explores the questions it’s asking.

Questions like:  what does it mean to be family? Is anyone so broken that they’re not worth fixing? How can people forgive themselves for terrible things they’ve done, even and especially if those things aren’t directly their fault? What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to have a destiny, and do we really get to make all our own decisions? What does love look like? How can we save each other?

How can we save ourselves?

We Love T-Shirts

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