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Happy Birthday, Emily Andras!

A little bird, aka a tweet from Zoie Palmer, alerted us to today being Emily Andras’ birthday!

Well, hot damn! Here’s a brief love letter:

Happy birthday, Emily! You’ve created some of our favorite television shows, characters, and episodes of television, and that’s a gift for which we can never thank you enough. (THANK YOU.) The characters you create are inspiring and the way they live their lives is important and often a rare thing to see on TV these days.

About YOU:  you’re funny, compassionate, smart, and you kick ass. We think you’re awesome. You’ve been supportive of Fangirl Shirts from the get-go and we appreciate that beyond measure. We hope you have the best day ever.

Melanie Scrofano let us know that Emily was born on National Pizza Day. We know what we’re having for dinner tonight!

In honor of Emily’s birthday, we’re offering 20% off our Fandras products. The “Earp Nicknames” shirts came out of Emily’s brain/twitter, and we made them into shirts with her permission, and added “Fandras” without her permission (because it’s totally a thing). Classic Fandras was designed by @actually_layne. Emily loves it when you wear Fandras products when you meet her in person, as our friend Monica can attest.

Get Your Fandras On! Click the images below to get 20% off. 


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