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Spashley Fangirl

South of Nowhere (2005-2008) was an American TV show that provided many people with their first real chance to see positive LGBTQ representation on television. The show aired for 40 episodes on a little network called The N, and although the show was only on the air for three seasons, the relationship it portrayed has had a profound and long-lasting effect on fans.

Much like other teen dramas of the time, the central setting for the show is the high school that the main characters attend together. But unlike any other show of that time period, South of Nowhere fearlessly and respectfully portrayed the main character, Spencer Carlin, taking us on her journey of self-discovery as she met, befriended, and fell in love with Ashley Davies.

“Spashley” was quickly coined by fans, who were elated to finally have an authentic canon queer fictional relationship to follow on TV. The writers paid tribute to the portmanteau and to the incredibly loyal fans of the show in the series finale, when Ashley gave Spencer a keychain filled with sand from the beach where Spencer came out to her, with Spashley written along the side.

We designed the Spashley Fangirl shirt to celebrate this iconic ‘ship between Spencer and Ashley, and the reunion of the actors who portrayed them, Gabrielle Christian and Mandy Musgrave, at ClexaCon in Las Vegas this March. Show your love for Spashley, wear our new design with pride! Available in 8 styles and multiple colors.


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