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ClexaCon 2017

We’re going to ClexaCon!

What’s ClexaCon? It’s a Media and Entertainment Convention for LGBTQ Women and Allies, taking place in Las Vegas March 3-5, 2017. There will be celebrity guests, panels and workshops, a film festival, photos and autographs, vendors, special networking events, and more!

This is the very first ever convention specifically about LGBTQ women in media and entertainment. That’s kind of mind-boggling and we are really, really excited about attending it and absorbing so much awesome content. There’s even going to be a Lost Girl panel, and if you know the Fangirl Shirts creation story, then you’ll know that we met on twitter because we were both Lost Girl fans. If you’re interested in some of the backstory for how ClexaCon came about, go read the Women and Words interview with ClexaCon.

We’re honored to have had two panels accepted by ClexaCon. You can read the full descriptions on the ClexaCon website, so we’ll just summarize here. – Make sure you go read up on ALL the awesome programming, because we want to attend every other panel as well!

Creating a positive, inclusive & amazeballs Fandom Family – Wynonna Earp Style – we are psyched to join our buddies Bonnie (@WynonnaFans), Kevin (@WynonnaEarpPod) and Bridget (@BridgetOnTV) to talk about the early days of Wynonna Earp fandom, what happened during Season 1, and what might lie ahead! We are also THRILLED to have an awesome moderator, Valerie Anne (@PunkyStarshine), who we will be fangirling over because we love her hilarious and insightful recaps.

Queer Lady Business – we’re joining some AWESOME queer-lady-owned businesses for a panel to talk about what it’s like to start and run a business by and for queer women. We’re excited to be joined by Anita Dolce Vita from dapperQ and Christin Baker of Tello Films. And our moderator will be Andi Marquette from Women and Words (who interviewed us for the WW blog a couple of months ago) and we can’t wait to meet Andi in person!

If you’re a fan of the kickass TV show Wynonna Earp (and if you’re not, then go watch it right now), you’ll be excited to know there will be a panel called “The WayHaught Women of Wynonna Earp,” featuring Dominique Provost-Chalkley (who plays Waverly Earp), Katherine Barrell (who plays Officer Nicole Haught), and Emily Andras (series creator, showrunner, and unwilling inspiration for and denier of our “Team Fandras” line of products, designed by the amazing @actually_layne). The WayHaught panel will be moderated by Bridget Liszeweski from The TV Junkies, who also AWESOMELY moderated the Wynonna panel at Toronto FanExpo in 2016. Bridget writes about Canadian TV and shows with strong female characters, two things we both absolutely adore.

What’s Bridget talking about? Well, we made a special design inspired by WayHaught, Vegas, and ClexaCon – check it out!

We are also doing something that will be a first for us – we’re going to be an exhibitor! We’ll be bringing as many shirts, stickers, lanyards, buttons and sundries as we can carry. Please come to the exhibitor space and say hi to us! And if you want to buy something, that’s cool too. No pressure. (We really need to practice this business thing…) 

Go check out the ClexaCon website and see all the awesomeness that lies ahead. Tickets are still available, so get yours today!

Honestly, our biggest concern is how we’re going to be able to do our panels, run our vendor table, and still attend every awesome event, panel, and workshop that we want to. Which frankly, when you think about the space that LGBTQ women often occupy, being on the outside or the fringes of things, is a really nice problem to have.

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