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Congratulations to Tatiana Maslany, Emmy winner!

We are sending a big Fangirl Shirts shoutout of love and congratulations to Tatiana Maslany and all the cast, crew, writers and creators of Orphan Black. Her Emmy win last night was so well-deserved and thrilling! What a time to be a fangirl of awesome Canadian TV!

We love Orphan Black for so many reasons. The show is awesome – it’s fun to watch, there’s tension, the science is accurate and the plot is intriguing. Those characteristics would make any TV show good, but what makes it great is the characters. We love the characters so much and we care about all of them. None of them is a caricature or there for just one reason – they’re all brave and flawed in ways that feel authentic – just like life.

And so many of the characters are played by Tatiana Maslany. It’s a running joke, but so often when watching the show, we forget that Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, Rachel and Krystal are played by the same person – not to mention every other Leda clone who has made an appearance in various episodes. It’s not just that she plays each character so convincingly, though – it’s also that it’s clear that Tatiana really cares about making sure she portrays all the diverse characters authentically.

That’s so much of why we love the characters, and why we also love Tatiana.

A theme running through all seasons of Orphan Black is women’s bodies, whether they are property, and who owns them. We have very much appreciated the message that the only person who owns a woman’s body is the woman herself. That’s a message we can get behind- for all current and future fangirls, and those who love them.

Flashback to when we met Graeme Manson and John Fawcett at San Diego Comic-Con – congratulations to you both!

In honor of Tatiana’s Emmy win, all week you can take 25% off our shirt inspired by Orphan Black, and wear it with pride. If people recognize your shirt as being inspired by Orphan Black, then maybe you’ll make a new friend. If someone doesn’t recognize it, but asks about it, then you’ll have the opportunity to tell them all about an awesome TV show that they should be watching.

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