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ConPacks, #Fandras, and Peace Maker for kids!

We have new stuff to tell you about!

New special edition T-shirt: #Fandras!

It’s no secret that we love the television stylings of Emily Andras. From Lost Girl (which is how we, the co-founders of Fangirl Shirts met each other) to our current fave Wynonna Earp, the storytelling and showrunning of Emily Andras is top shelf. A kickass fandom artist @actually_layne made and donated this great design after a fun twitter conversation about #Fandras, and we just HAD to bring it to you all!


If you ordered one for the first printing, wear it to FanExpo in Toronto (where Emily will be on a panel!) and DragonCon (where there will be a fan panel).


If you’re going to a con, there are some crucial things you need. Chief among them are: cool fandom T-shirts, a lanyard to hold your badge, and awesome stickers to put on your gear or to give to friends. We have all those things, so we have bundled them together for you, and you can save some money when you order!


A ConPack is one T-shirt, one lanyard, and five stickers. A SuperConPack is double! We also have a LexaConPack, an EarperConPack, and a SuperEarperConPack to help you represent your favorite fandoms!

If you’re going to Toronto FanExpo and will be there on Saturday, September 3, you can choose “Pickup Sept. 3 at Toronto FanExpo” as your shipping method. Free shipping!

Peace Maker for Kids

Due to popular demand, we’ve launched some special edition baby onesies, toddler T-shirts and kids T-shirts. Now the whole family can show that you’re Peace Makers! Proceeds benefit Everytown for Gun Safety 100%.

peacemaker_toddler_300 peacemaker_onesite_300 peacemaker_kids_300

We’ve added so much cool fangear to the website, we did some reorganization to make it easier to find things. Check out:

Main catalog
Special editions
Sticker Packs
Lanyards (and a double pack of lanyards!)

Fangirl on!

–Rebecca & Sally
Fangirl Shirts


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