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A Woman’s Place Is In The TARDIS

Big news! The 13th Doctor will be a woman, and it’s about time, lord! Jodie Whittaker has just been announced as the next Doctor. Read the BBC article and watch the trailer.

We’ll be honest, because we are authentic about our fangirling – we haven’t watched Doctor Who. But we know this is big news, and a big step forward for women. We have lots of smart, savvy TV-watching friends who love Doctor Who. We plan to watch the season with the 13th Doctor, and maybe we’ll become Whovians ourselves!

Meanwhile, we had a few people ask us if we could make a shirt or two in honor of this news, and we said yes! EU folks, use this linkAllons-y!

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Feminist Killjoy

Sometimes things just kind of HAPPEN in this age of social media and interconnectedness. A Killjoys fan @SammieRie tweeted that they wanted a shirt that said Feminist Killjoy in the Killjoys font.

Then Michelle Lovretta, the awesome amazing creator and showrunner of Killjoys, said she wanted one too!

Then a few people tagged us and said they thought we could make one. Then we said YES WE CAN WE WOULD LOVE TO DO THIS. We hooked up with our awesome designer friend PeakEarp and here it is!

Feminist Killjoy

Fangirl Shirts was co-founded by a couple of friends who met on twitter because we both loved Lost Girl, which was created by Michelle Lovretta. We were thrilled when she went on to create Killjoys. We are total Killjoys fangirls, and we love the characters, the  themes, the representation, the suspenseful, exciting story and the FEMINISM.

Be a Feminist Killjoy. Get yours today!

PS – PeakEarp is a dope designer, don’t you think? We do. She has a slew of other original designs available at her Redbubble store, so go and get ’em all!

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Wynonna Earp + DragonCon 2017 = WAYHAUGHTLANTA

What do you get when you cross a bunch of Earpers, including us at Fangirl Shirts, with the cast and crew of Wynonna Earp at DragonCon, which happens in Atlanta, Georgia, which is sometimes known as “HotLanta” due to both the summer heat and the sexy nightlife in the city?


We made some T-shirts in celebration of Wynonna Earp and WayHaught at DragonCon 2017 – check them out!

WayHaughtLanta shirts
Hotlanta? More like WayHaughtLanta!

We love the TV show Wynonna Earp, and part of why we started Fangirl Shirts is to help promote the shows we love by making awesome T-shirts. We’re going to DragonCon, and we would love to see tons and tons of Earpers wearing shirts at the con that say “WYNONNA EARP” on them, loud and proud, and celebrating WayHaught!

We made three versions of the WayHaughtLanta design:

  • WayHaughtLanta Peach – the peach is an iconic symbol of Georgia, where DragonCon takes place, and we all know from “The Road to Purgatory” blog that Waverly and Nicole like to text emojis to each other, so this shirt features an emoji peach. Make sure you check out the details on the back of the shirt, too.
  • WayHaughtLanta Rainbow – the WayHaught relationship is awesome for itself, its place in the story, and the chemistry between Waverly and Nicole. Taking a step outside the fourth wall, WayHaught is incredibly important and well-done LGBTQ representation. The pride flag celebrates that, and the dragons are breathing fire on WayHaught are a nod to DragonCon itself as well as how haught this relationship is.
  • WayHaught Orangey Fire – while we all love rainbows, sometimes people prefer to wear a monochromatic design, and that’s cool too (it’s haught, but it’s cool, know what we mean?).

All three shirts say -WYNONNA EARP- on the back in our Peace Maker font. Get yours today, and make sure you order in time to have it before DragonCon!

If you’re in the EU, you can order the Rainbow and Orangey Fire WayHaughtLanta shirts from our EU Store.

Speaking of DragonCon, if you’re attending and you’re an Earper, you can join the “DragonCon Earpers” email discussion list to be in the loop about All Things Earp at DragonCon. Instructions for joining DragonCon Earpers is here on the Wynonna Earp Fans website.

If this is your first time attending DragonCon, something VERY helpful to attend will be the DragonCon Newbies session, organized by Kevin Bachelder. There’s a Facebook group as well, which is a friendly place to get your questions answered. Check it out here!

We hope to see you and meet you at DragonCon! Drop us a note in the comments if you’re going, and include your twitter handle if you have one!

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Fangirl Shirts EU Store


We know for those of you in the EU, shipping from the USA can be expensive. So when Teespring started offering printing and shipping within the EU, we made the Fangirl Shirts EU Store and started populating it with as many of our designs as we could. We’ll be adding new designs regularly and will update this page when we do, so watch this space!

This is the entire Fangirl Shirts EU Catalog

EU catalog by fandom:

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Wonder Woman

We have two new T-shirt designs to celebrate the awesomeness of Wonder Woman!


Wonder Woman first appeared in the DC Comics universe in 1941, and it took over thirty years before she was brought to life on the small screen. When Lynda Carter played Wonder Woman on TV in the late 1970’s, neither of us were old enough to watch it. The original TV series only ran for three seasons. The first season was set in the 1940’s and despite solid ratings, it wasn’t renewed after the first season due to high production costs. So the show’s producers revamped it and shopped it to a new network. They changed the name to The New Adventures of Wonder Woman and set it in the 1970’s, which was much less expensive to produce.

Although the series itself was relatively short-lived, the show ran in syndication throughout the 1980’s, and we were both die-hard baby fangirls. One of the first conversations we ever had with each other when we became friends involved discussing childhood idols, and Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman was at the top of both of our lists.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

It was the first time either of us could remember seeing a female superhero on our televisions on a daily or weekly basis. Not only did she not need rescuing, but she was the one DOING the rescuing. She was smart, strong, brave, and clever, and we both wanted to be her when we grew up. This show was for US. For girls just like us. It was an amazing feeling. Wonder Woman gave girls the world over a role model and a vision of how they could be powerful – especially important for girls growing up in the 1980’s.

Fun fact – when Underoos exploded in popularity in the late 70’s and 80’s, both Sally and Rebecca proudly rocked our Wonder Woman Underoos around our neighbourhoods as we played superheroes with the neighbourhood kids.

It took over 70 years for this character to debut in a feature film, in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And then it happened:  the news we’d been waiting for since we were little. Wonder Woman was finally getting her very own movie. We were both incredibly excited (and a little, okay a LOT nervous) about the new Wonder Woman movie. So many critics had so many opinions about this movie. Would they do her justice? Would they be able to capture everything about her that made us idolize her as kids? Would they create a legion of new Wonder Women fangirls, as well as stay true to everything the long-time fans loved?

Then we saw the movie.

And we fell in love all over again.

Gal Gadot is perfect for Diana, Princess of Themyscira. She IS Wonder Woman. Patty Jenkins’ direction was phenomenal. The movie blew us both away. Especially everything to do with the Amazons on Themyscria. (When do we get an ENTIRE movie about the Amazons? Please??)

They’re fierce, beautiful, and totally badass. They are experienced, highly-skilled warriors. With scars and wrinkles and suntans. And they’re AMAZING. (Can you tell we’re Amazon fangirls? Fanmazons?!)


If you’re anything like us, you’re already looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman again in the new Justice League movie, in November 2017.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of a very successful run of movies, as well as a whole new normal for superhero movies with women at their center, directed by women, and possibly even written by women in the future. We are so thrilled that this first movie crushed all box office predictions. We’ll be seeing it again and again. We’ll be taking our daughters and sons to it. And we will make shirts. We will fangirl.

Celebrate with us! We’re excited to launch TWO NEW SHIRT DESIGNS! Wonder Fangirl, to go along with our SuperFangirl line of Superhero shirts, along with its sibling design Wonder Fan, for anyone who doesn’t identify with the word girl, and Themyscria Equestrian Team, to celebrate the awesome, amazing Amazons of Themyscria.